Navigating Your Home Purchase with Chris Balmes Properties

At Chris Balmes Properties, we commence the journey of home buying by first conducting a meticulous need assessment. Our foremost objective is to understand your vision and preferences for your future home. This encompasses the style of the home, desired amenities, location, proximity to schools, and all the elements that define your dream residence. Armed with this knowledge, we harness cutting-edge computer tools to identify properties listed for sale that align seamlessly with your criteria. Together, we embark on the process of selecting homes you'd like to explore, arranging appointments, and efficiently previewing these homes in a short span of time.

Our profound knowledge of the marketplace, coupled with our deep understanding of the real estate transaction process, stands as an invaluable asset in your quest to find the perfect home. Throughout the journey, Chris Balmes Properties will be your trusted guide, offering unwavering support and expertise.

But our commitment doesn't stop at finding your dream home; it extends to meticulously handling every facet of the home buying transaction. From facilitating mortgage arrangements to overseeing comprehensive home inspections and ensuring the flawless execution of legal agreements, we are your unwavering advocates. It's during these crucial stages that the true value of Chris Balmes Properties shines through, ensuring a seamless and rewarding home buying experience for you.

Explore our resources and links to gain further insight into the real estate landscape and the services we provide:

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  • Repair and Cleaning Checklist: Ensure your home is in top-notch condition.
  • Work Orders: Access work order forms for property improvements.
  • Helpful Hints: Tips to make your home show at its best.

Did you know about the Rural Housing Program in Wilsonville and Sherwood? With 100% financing and a minimum credit score of 620, it's an opportunity worth exploring. Contact us for more information on this program.

Neighborhood Stabilization Programs:

  • Clackamas County Neighborhood Stabilization Program
  • Clark County Neighborhood Stabilization Program
  • Washington County Neighborhood Stabilization Program

At Chris Balmes Properties, our commitment is not just to find your perfect home; it's to ensure your entire home buying journey is a seamless and rewarding experience. Let us guide you every step of the way.