Selling Your Home

The most important decision you will make in the sale of your home is the Realtor you choose. When and how you sell your home may be the largest and most important investment decision of your life.

Working with a knowledgeable Realtor will ensure that you protect your investment and ensure that the process of selling your home goes smoothly. For example, did you know that every sale of a home must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service and may be subject to a capital gains tax? However, if you have owned and occupied your principal residence for more than two years you may not have to pay this tax. An experienced Realtor can help you understand tax problems that may occur if your home is sold at the wrong time. In addition, an experienced Realtor will make sure that, before signing, you understand all legal agreements related to the sale of your home.

CBP' knowledge of the marketplace, their 25-plus years of experience, and their understanding of the real estate transaction process will benefit you in when you sell your home. CBP guides you through the entire process.

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